I Was Never Surprised

I am a partial believer(if there exists as such) of foresight, seer, fortune tellers or whatever you call them.

There’s a lot of bogus (you’ll never be alarmed since there really are a lot of them in any aspects) foreseers in this world(or my country I suppose) and it’s very fascinating and as equally astonishing to have a predicament(can’t come up with a word) come into life even it’s good or bad(oops. maybe not on the latter).

Name it all from Horoscopes and Zodiac Symbols, Personality Tests, Palm Reading, Calligraphy Reading, Fortune Cookies and Card Reading, they are real at some point. I have been read once by a cool friend of mine and it was fucking accurate; the past, the present and the future (which would be the present now). Though one thing stood the most is the prediction of my graduation, it was vague and was a useless prediction. “It all depends on you” or something like that. Of course, everything would depend on me ideally.


I’ll stop this since I think I didn’t make any sense. I’m sleepy but I don’t want to sleep yet, I gave up already after a long time.

This is not me, I really need some help.

Even the touch in my writings are lost.


The predictions that were made by that friend one night in La Union was that I would be depressed for a long time, the one I “love”(since this is a delicate word to hear and seemingly too divine to be handled) has a relationship with some other person, that I’m a “martyr” in love or in his own words “won’t care if love is unrequited and you will have much more of that”(or something like that), I care for my image and something important about that but I can’t completely remember it since it was about four months ago(but for me it was true, pretending that I have no bias about complements and all) and I would have problems about money. There were more things he would have said but someone was all distracting and he stopped. However, that night was yet the most memorable night of my life. :)

I have been expecting it, tears almost rolled down my eyes but I insisted that I have no right to cry.


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