When it’s over that’s the time I’ll fall in love again.

Some say timing is a bitch.
Some say timing is everything.

Maybe everything is a bitch.

There are times that the whole world is against you.
There are times that everything is clicking.
There are times that nothing significant enough happens to you.
There are times when I just want to feel your embrace in the cold night.

Note that everything is directly proportional to your choices.
This implies that everything is really a bitch.

Compare a perfectly orchestrated band to some band without practice clearly states that timing is vital.
Yes, I do believe it’s a necessity to spice up life(well, it’s preference really).
It amplifies the wave function of your emotions.
It gives uncertainty to your principles.
It generates chaos to your system.
It causes someone to tunnel to your barriers. (what the fuck, the Physics terms.)
But yes, again we meet “ideally” which is the imaginary part of your function.

Love is everything.
Love is complex. ;D

When you rock, love is paper.
or in any other cases, love can be water or grass if you know what I mean. :P

Love cannot lose to a certain thing.
Love defeats everything because it can be everything.
Love defeats timing.
Love defeats love.

The point is when you put love in the equation, you put something imaginary to your function that you malfunction, something you can’t explain physically and yet emotionally.

So consider timing as a condiment. The sugar to your coffee, the ketchup to your chicken or the salt in your ocean if that even made a point. It isn’t really necessary to your life but you’ll want it.

I can really go on with this but this isn’t the right time :P


Drawing by Ynna Alexis Milambiling, I asked her to teach me how to draw eyes one Chemistry 1 meeting.


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