Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.

said Babe Ruth, a hall of fame baseball player.

What’s done is done; though I never thought it that way. Moving on, just like as I promised, I would post something in this blog. It would be my “project” and as we all can see, I find it hard to extract the creative juices out of my mind. First, finding the image to suffice my visual aid needs are apparently hard to find. Second, the topic is also hard to formulate. Third, I’m in a kind of rebuilding mode, or as ma’am Melba Patacsil(my awesome Chemistry 1 professor) said, “redeem” or something more religious or holy term. Fourth, my internet access is always through wifi(since I’m still active in social networking sites) and I’m only comfortable writing with my desktop computer. There would be more things/reasons that I could write that I can enumerate but the reason would be really is that I didn’t want to.

I got the quote from this article/powerpoint presentation which is entitled “26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known At 20”. Which I got from another blog, maybe I need to start reading blogs for me to entice myself in writing again, which would also make my blog open to readers, I really don’t care who reads it but I think I care that someone reads my shit; or not. :P


After the Holy Week, I spend a week in Baguio for enrollment. I needed to speak to my adviser about my thesis and future plans and it happened on Wednesday and it was a good talk. Seeing my friends, blocmates and spending time with them was really fun actually and I realized that I would miss them so much after this graduation. A lot of things happened in Baguio this past week and I am very happy that my fare was “sulit” and I would pay more just to have that kind of experiences again.

Monday, I helped two of my friends in enrolling this summer. It’s kind of depressing when one friend congratulates you even if you aren’t still finished with your work. Discovering my grade in the last semester, I also kind of knew it already but one grade, a conditional grade (4, kwatro. where we would take removals) have puzzled me. With the lack of GE subjects, I helped Abigail finding subjects, then I stayed at Patacsil’s residence to have a spiritual conversations with such a lovely couple. haha

Tuesday, we played basketball and played 2k13 at Igi’s place. What a fun day to spend the holiday. :D I stayed there.

Wednesday, my adviser and I talked. Then after that I went to Abigail’s place to crash :D We ate dinner with her kuya in Sizzling Plate in Session Road and planned to watch Starbuck but the movie doesn’t have English subtitles and she didn’t know how to set/use the subtitles from the internet so she got frustrated and never watched the cool movie anyway :( Talked to someone special up until the morning and eventually slept.

Thursday, had lunch in Pizza Hut with blocmates and “former” blocmate now studying in another university near their locality. Then in the afternoon, we played basketball with a former PBA player and the coach to be of the UP Baguio Basketball Varsity team. He is a very good shooter and have a lot of veteran moves, I loved all the games I played with him(all games we’ve won and against him) and I can feel the adrenaline inside my body that never felt the fatigue until after the game. Almost never felt my legs. I should have gone down to Manila this night but my half-brother Cris Lean was surprisingly also in Baguio(same road where I’m staying) in Chatel, Military Cut-off. We ate outside and talked about the “outside world” or the world after grad, I would fail to go home then and since I wanted to play more basketball the next day, I chose not to go home.

Friday, waked up late already. Talked with my blocmates about my plans this year. I sounded that I was joking since I was blabbering about business plans with my business partner Arthur, a bank in the morning and the afternoon then a strip club at night. It would really be practical for the rent of the place and we have already job openings, also “foreign investors”. Haha. I’m dead serious though about my plans in business, I need capital and ample intelligence about stock markets and things that would spike up my capital. Lotto perhaps? Then, since there was no basketball because of the rain, I texted some friends and saw Camille, we ate dinner at Top Meal then she bought my tickets for the student discount, she is a very sweet girl indeed. Buying peanut brittle for pasalubong in the last minute and boarding the bus leaving 8:30pm to depart and approach Manila with a big smile on my face.


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