How Eventfully Uneventful

This photo has been my phone wallpaper. I find Rukia very cute and beautiful. Not only her appearance but also her personality. I’m not the one who owns this image and I don’t know who does. Credits to the artist, whoever you are. :) Thank you and sorry for using your artwork without permission.

I miss my external hard drive. All my images, movies and videos with games and other memories are there(yeah, Bleach). I’m running out of memory already and I’m thinking of buying another hard drive that would cost me 4 thousand pesos. I still have a lot of plans and money is running out. I should learn to earn on my own like what you do. You’ll be working tomorrow, maybe I shall start too. Yes, tomorrow too. :)


I never thought that I would post something via mobile. Since I already started it, maybe this would be a routine when I don’t have internet in my desktop but really, I desperatly need internet to my desktop. I’m thinking of buying the device that detects wifi so I can leech my cousin’s wifi(which is what I’m using at the moment) but it’s too much I think or perhaps I’m such a bandwidth hog. Thinking of reapplying my SmartBro Canopy after paying the end of my contract. But we aren’t staying here permanently and I don’t want to pay the stupid relocation fees.

Again this blogpost was a block of text with events of my life, how eventful. But maybe I’m just good at remembering things by detail and having a lengthy description of anything and what happened. Worry not, in the near future I will post more interesting things that would fucking matter to your lives. This was just another entry to amuse me now and the future, a log of what happened, a journal and ramblings of what would I have thought to be significant enough to share. Apparently, it is not. Haha


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