When life gives you lemons, never forget to say “Thank you”

with a big smile on your face. :D

It was the usual unproductive and never fruitful week for me. I even lost track on what date, day I am and that is how you spend your quality time with self and rest “after” you have long stressful decade of school. Though schooling was never really that stressful to me (yeah, about 10% of the time) since I really don’t study for barely any of my subjects. I study when I need to not when I’m supposed to. The usual line from my mother was: “Alam mo anak, kung nag-aaral ka lang siguro matataas ang grades mo”(“Son, if you were to study hard, you’ll have good grades”).


Natural in Filipino is almost synonymous to natural, with different pronunciation and of course effect or use. It’s like “Of course” in a harsh way, “duh” or anything that says that you should trigger one’s “common sense”.

I should have posted another post but I chose to post this because I have the picture to post this nonsense. It is also my Gravatar. Cookie Monster looks happy.


I really miss this puppet of mine, I only bought it for a hundred peso in Baguio’s Night Market. Never knew how I lost it and this picture was the last day that I remember seeing him. I always bring him anywhere, even in school. Too bad I lost him though. To whoever got him, please take care of Cookie Monster. I was supposed to post a “MISSING” photo of him in my Facebook profile but I found it too insensitive for the people that are really missing. Baka maTV pa ko sa pagiging insensitive.

I haven’t started my “storyboard” yet for my project. At least my deadline was moved to the first of May compared to what should have been April 26. I really need help but I can do it myself too. No one really strives to help me either way.

People always contact me when they have problems, it is kind of irritating when I find it too easy for them to fuck up themselves and don’t it on their own. I’m the guy that can get the job done but please don’t overuse me, only my mother can do that.

You don’t do that to me.


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