Do Not Enter

It is a very common notion that rules are meant to be broken, ika nga nila “masarap ang bawal“. The more you restrict something there would be an urge for doing it with for some reason like curiosity but it all boils down to one thing, you wanted to do it. Ginusto mo yan. For example, this post, the picture and title said you shouldn’t enter but you still clicked and entered this nonsensical post. Then you get disappointed on what you’ve read.


I have a lot of pending posts yet to be written here, just wait if you want to. It was a tiresome week but yet eventful and magical and I would post about all of it in the near future. I just passed by and wanted to post something since I was inactive for almost a week.

I hope the Chicago Bulls would win Game 7, Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs. :D



One thought on “Do Not Enter

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