Unfair Use Policy

This is the first day of my SmartBro Wimax, or should I say “MyBro” Wimax. I’m currently applied for the Plan 999, 1Mbps. Although it can suffice my daily needs, it is still slow for my standards(and perhaps not a good deal since Sky Cable is offering up to 10Mbps for 1500 pesos/month and I just saw it after I applied). Well, it is also a problem that they use “up to” that they’re aren’t insuring us a good connection.

Though, this isn’t really the issue.

A lot of subscribers(Globe or Smart/PLDT) are mad about this “Fair Use Policy”(Globe’s Fair Use Policy/myBro’s Fair Use Policy). It started with Globe then Smart followed. I was once a victim of the FUP when we were under Globe’s Wimax, also Plan 999 and my father got angry and eventually made a way to close the contract(which is supposedly 24 months) since FUP is truly unjust in my opinion really(of course, I’m the subscriber). Dishing out words like “up to x Mbps” and “unlimited surfing” while having these vague and unfair policies just makes us see that these big companies are greedy. Just upgrade your systems/towers/service and don’t put the burden to your clients. After all, these Fair Use Policies aren’t in the contract and also the subscribers from maybe 5 months ago when these policies are non-existent(for myBro’s case) feels like a breach of contract.

Unfair Use Policyca

And now, here I am on my first 12 hours already consuming almost 5GB of the “15 GB” cap since I’m downloading a game that is 3.5 GB (Dragon Nest) and at the same time streaming videos and surfing the internet. 15GB is really low though when I asked before applying if myBro Wimax is under the Fair Use Policy, the sales agent said “Hindi pa po sir”(“Not yet”). How I wish that is true or I’ll learn how to change MAC addresses and such or what they call in their facebook like page(yes, everything now has like pages) “reset”.

The Fair Use Policy was not that fair after all.


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