Hello Again, Baguio!

Duty calls.

Pardon me, I am a very busy person. There is a lot of things I want to write about but I don’t have the time. I will be at Baguio for today (Tuesday) and will go back here in Quezon City again for a Career Orientation of some sort. I’m already welcome for the job though and I’m confident I can ace the exam. I also have a lot to offer and I want to help my mother. So this is passion working for me really. I was insisting for me to go “up” in Baguio for June since I’ll go there anyway but no, it cannot push through. They need my signature for the Editorial Board of the Yearbook by the way since I’m the financial officer and they can’t get the money unless I sign.


My mother clearly forgot I will go to Baguio this night. She said, “Bakit ‘di mo sinabi?”(“Why didn’t you say it?”). I always clearly say when will I go to Baguio, this was always the scenario even in the past. I miss Baguio really but I hate the 6-hour long ride. I’m just charging my phone and I’m good to go.

I just dropped by to post, I should be packing or getting ready.

Happy Anniversary to us Paratroopers, one year of loving the band Paraluman! :D I’ll post a video maybe after I come back from the City of Pines :)

The photo was taken from Burnham Park :D


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