I have been very busy lately

Being the “man of the house” surely does require a lot of work.

Or maybe at first. :)

Anyway, I’m loving it. Being busy and all that. Though the heat here in Quezon City does all the harm! My schedules are already booked until Saturday(well yes, it’s Thursday already) and there are more to come I guess. With a crash course of being a Financial Adviser, I will get a job easily and surprisingly I didn’t really plan getting this job but I wholeheartedly accepted it. The job title suits me. Ang angas nga eh (It’s cool). :P

Guess I’ll be working with these guys now.


Today I will apply for valid IDs for myself and paying bills. My mother sucks at this stuff and does not want to invest in managing and shit. Good for me, this is where I want to specialize. :)

Of course, I miss my father. I didn’t know how hassle his work was. :P Especially taking care of my mother. :D


I’m going out again, hope to post again later and update my “To Do List” post which is I’d say rather ineffective but it’s fun to do! :D


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