New Header

I’m gradually upgrading the aesthetics of the site! Hooray for me. Though originally I wanted to learn more about but since I found my new love theme I wouldn’t until I get sick of it.


I’ll be using the About page for the blog’s changelogs and maybe update my “profile” there. At the moment, the About page states these worthless words:

This page needs extreme editing.

Though I’m a very open person, I don’t see (yet) to describe myself in full detail unlike my first post. Well, on however you incredibly go to this blog or this page, I’ll just thank all the internet gods for that and do enjoy my blog if I have any interesting literature to feed you and all humankind.

Please bear with me, I’m slow at writing and updating my blog but yes, I have a lot to share specially to the people of my country, the Philippines. :)

I’ll be posting articles, reviews, photography, videos, and a lot more in the near future! Let’s take this one step at a time :D


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