I miss having a relationship

As many people say, “I’m better of when I’m in a relationship rather when being single”.

But yes, I’m not desperate but how I miss having someone that you can talk to about anything, go out, and share happiness to. :)

Or maybe I’m just missing my ex.
If I had one that is. Haha.


Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

As a new Financial Adviser we were invited to attend the Grand Career Orientation for motivation and to see the  people who are part and the core of Insular Life. Personally, I don’t need motivation or lessons but still we learn or in this case relearn something that we used to stand for and we know that is right.

Being a Financial Adviser is truly an inspiring job since you sell products that would really help others. Just like what they say in the orientation, life insurance is the best financial investment tools in the industry today. It secures the successors and/or your loved ones needs and lifestyles, an assurance that the ones you love won’t suffer that much in the long run in case you expire (yes, die. less harsh words doesn’t really help). I’m surprised that only 18.5% of Filipinos are insured (or maybe not because of poverty) but I believe everybody can buy this investment just as anybody can buy smart phones here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

In the Background: The places that we pass through day after day, or even once in a lifetime, leave in their small way, echoes and traces of themselves upon us. But so often when taking self portraits or pictures of friends, the places themselves become a soft blurred mush of indistinct semi-nothingness, the limelight stolen by our smiling faces. In today’s challenge, let’s turn the tables. Take a picture of yourself or someone else as a shadow, a reflection, or a lesser part of a scene, making the background, or — as in the example above — the foreground, the center of attention.

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