Tumigil ang buhay; parang slow-mo makulay.

Nakakatamad pala mag-all black and white na post, hahaha. Abangan niyo yung bago kong blog :P parati nalang bago. hahaha.

Ang Bandang Shirley <3


Every Ounce of Hesitation Kills Me Inside

My internet connection is very crappy, I think I’ll get angry if they let me pay what’s due for the 3 months of inconvenience. As you can see, I’m very dependent to the internet. There are many things I can’t do and start without it, first and foremost my thesis. I can’t find journal articles for it (really now, I read them) and even in my requirements. Moreover, I can’t post here in this blog :(

But more importantly(not sure of any grammar shizz here),

I can’t talk to her.

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